Foundational Resolutions

At the start of the new year and at the start of my adventures into blogging, it seems fitting to share the four central resolutions that I’m carrying into 2012. These are life resolutions, not just a positive intention for the first few days or weeks of a new calendar, but anchors that can sustain me, and you, in any situation. Here are my four resolutions:

1. I am resolved to appreciate creation in all of its majesty, as a gift to be enjoyed. It is all too easy to walk through life without being properly awed by the awesomeness of the world and nature and life. I want to marvel at the complexity and elegance of creation. I want to wonder at  life’s mysteries. I want to be ever moved by the gifts of breath and birds and planets and galaxies.

2. I am resolved to see everything through the clarifying lens of sin and the fall. This world and all of its parts are broken and defective. Like that new remote controlled helicopter, a week after Christmas, amazing in its design and performance, but not quite right after countless crashes and tangles with tinsel. It still works, sort of, but it is not as it should be. Neither are we. It is all too easy to forget that all of us, and everything around us is broken. I never want to find myself blaming the manufacturer for the tinsel in the rotors. I never want to see only the brokenness and miss the beauty — see resolution 1.

3. I am resolved to pursue only wise solutions to the problems we face. In the midst of pain and problems, struggles and challenges, it is far too easy to grasp at straws and turn to fads. There are so many foolish “solutions” offered to the problems of life. I want to go beyond the foolish and faddish and pursue wisdom. Easy answers don’t address the deep questions. Scripture and tradition and wise counsel are much better sources for my pursuit.

4. I am resolved to spend my life making a difference. In a world that has lost its luster and fallen into disrepair, there are solutions born of wisdom. I want to be an agent for the application of that wisdom. A servant of those solutions. It is all too easy to waste the hours and days and months – soon years and decades – with trivia.

I hope these four resolutions serve you as well as they serve me. May you be grateful and gracious, humble and impactful in the new year.



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9 responses to “Foundational Resolutions

  1. Rebecca Elam

    Well said, Kevin! Happy New Year!

  2. LeeAnn

    Inspiring! I have given some thought to this as well. I have been told there are only two things that are eternal…God’s Word and people’s souls. God’s Word will always dwell with Him. Not so people’s souls–only if they come into an understanding of the incredible Gift offered to us through Christ. I want to have a sense of urgency to share the Truth of their sin and the amazing price that has been paid for them so that they will have the security of.knowing where they will spend eternity.
    Ask me next time you see me if I have. Accountability is a good thing.

  3. Wow Kev! Very inspiring and so true. You live it well, you write it well friend.

  4. Art Huggard

    I like the way you write and mix spiritual themes into business. I have spent time at companies where people forget their faith as they pursue business. Thanks for a great way to start 2012. Plus they are much better than my resolution to exercise more 🙂

  5. Don’t worry Art, I made the “exercise more” resolution too. Thanks for the kind observation. I look forward to hearing your perspective as I continue to put ideas out there on this site.

  6. Eric Ressner

    I think I will follow your blog, Kevin. I am interested to see how your experiment with a different path works out for you. As a former colleague at Sigma-Aldrich, watching your sprint up the corporate ladder, I was surprised to see you had chucked it all. More power to you, and all the luck, if you should need it.
    I like most of your resolutions, though I have some strong dispute with religion as a useful guide to anything. But #1, yeah, I’m definitely on board with that one, substituting “nature” for “creation.” If you can spring some time and effort from building an answer to “what do you do?”, please consider adding scuba diving to your life experience. You already appreciate birds; fish and their undersea companions add another dimension of wonder.
    I can agree with parts of #2: much of society is broken, and we are slowly, inexorably breaking our environment and squandering our future for short-term gain. I don’t agree that we are all broken, but most of our institutions and politicians are, and that is driving us toward a precipice. On the large scale, I don’t see how I can make a difference; too many people are too self-absorbed and selfish to make any significant change of direction likely.
    Amen to #3. In spades. But see politicians above for why I am pessimistic of any significant change. Here, though, I think the Golden Rule would get us a lot further than scripture. Simpler and less open to different interpretations.
    I am grateful to you for #4. At my age and stage of life, I don’t have the energy or the optimism I’d need to make that commitment. But the world desperately needs leadership and true wisdom. May the wind always be at your back.

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